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2016 John J. Murphy Scholarship Application

We are pleased to announce the continuation of the John J Murphy Scholarship.

John Murphy was one of the long standing members of the Food Shippers of America organization both as a food manufacturer and as the Executive Director. John spent over 40 years in the transportation industry of which the last half was at The Borden Food Company where he retired in 1995.  After John retired he spent 14 years as the Executive Director of Food Shippers of America 

John’s impact and contributions to the organization included:

  • Ambassador for the food industry
  • Facilitated the combining of the rail/3PL and motor carrier conference in 1997
  • Grew the organization from 150 to the 800+ it is today
  • Instrumental in transforming the organization to become more interactive and collaborative by doubling the shipper/receiver participation
  • Voice and visionary of the organization
  • Friend and mentor to hundreds of food logistics professionals

Most importantly he understood, progressed and protected the mission and values of the Food Shippers of America to be an educational resource that could be influential in driving change in the industry.

Eligible Applicants are children or dependents (including spouses) of a Supply Chain Logistics Department employee whose Company's membership dues are current.

The 2016 John J. Murphy Scholarships will include distribution of $22,500.00.

The primary award of $7,500 will be awarded to whom is determined to be the most qualified individual based on review of submitted applications by the current Officers and Board members of Food Shippers of America. The top applicant will be invited attend the Food Shippers of America annual conference for a presentation of scholarship award Monday morning of the 3 day event.  Additional consideration will be given to applicants with a major in Logistics or Supply Chain Management.
An additional awards of $5,000 and $4,000 will be presented to the second and third most qualified individuals, the fourth most qualified applicant receiving $3,000 and the fifth and sixth most qualified applicants receiving $2,000 and $1,000 accordingly.  We encourage all interested students to apply.  Additional consideration will be give to those applicants with a major concentrating in Business, Logistics or Supply Chain Management.   

Complete Scholarship applications, transcript and references must be received by December 31st, 2015 for consideration of the 2016 John J Murphy Scholarship award.

The guidelines for becoming an applicant for this scholarship are as follows:

1.    Applicant must be a child or dependent of a Supply Chain Logistics department employee of a Food Shippers of America member company whose membership has been paid for in full.

2.    “Supply Chain” scholarship requires enrollment in a college program with additional merit places on those majoring in Logistics or Supply Chain Management. Additional awards are available to all applicants enrolled in a college program; however additional consideration will be allocated to those applicants with a major concentrating in Business, Logistics or Supply Chain Management.

3.    Applicant must have maintained at least a 3.5 grade point average during their junior and senior years of high school and/or have maintained this average if currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses.

4.    Applicant packet must be completed in its entirety.

5.    Received applications will be reviewed and selections determined by the current sitting Officers and Board members of Food Shippers of America.

Scholarship Application


Past Scholarship Recipients:


John J Murphy Receipent

Kathryn (Kate) Hildebrand

Bradley Hildebrand

Cargill, Inc.

Runner up

Dana Jutte

Ed Jutte

Dannon Company

3rd place

Kayla Jean Roberts

Bobby Roberts

Harris Teeter Distribution Center

4th place

Mitchell Willert

Scott Willert

Kraft Food Group, Inc

5th place

Brittany Schaefer

Jon Schaefer

Johnsonville Sausage

6th place

Lindsay Upperman

M. Jane Upperman

Land O' Lakes Inc.


2014 Scholarship Award Recipients 

2014 - Bryan Greene
2014 - Jacqueline Schaefer
2014 - Mitch Willert
2014 - Lindsay Upperman
2014 - Dana Barber
2014 - Brittany Schaefer


2013 - Caitlyn McCarthy
2013 - Tyler Livingston
2013 - Lindsey Upperman
2013 - Nicholas Jenson


2012 - Cassuandra Lasher
2012 - 1st Honorary Receipient - Levi Roberts
2012 - 2nd Honorary Receipient - Taylor Livingston

2011 - Luke Hackl


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